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Air Systems - Certification & Qualification

The verification and validation of an air platform design against Civil, UK Defence or US Military Standards design standards is pivotal in the certification and qualification process. When certifying air platforms as fit for purpose understanding the design and build of the aircraft is the foundation of platform airworthiness.


Air Systems SQEP have a proven track record in validating aircraft design. The carefully selected SQEP are continuing to deliver successfully certification and qualification data to enable Type Certification on a number of new and modified platforms. Type Certification, and the military equivalent, provide key building blocks to enable the airworthiness of aircraft to be assured as part of the release to service process.

Recent SQEP support to certification and qualification tasks have included:

  • Design assessment against Def Stan 00-970   
  • Design assessment against Mil Std 516B
  • Software design assessment against RTCA DO 178B & C
  • Design assessment against EASA civil design specifications
  • Hazard management of design assessment findings


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