Simulation & Training

Equipment Emulation

SEA provides Equipment Emulation creating a 3D virtual environment with realistic aural and visual cues to support operator and maintainer training for complex systems and equipment.


Key Benefits

  • Fully configurable for each platform
  • Student debriefing facility
  • Cost-effective training
  • Equipment familiarisation
  • Extendable for joint training operations

Key Features

  • Standard and Emergency operator training
  • Maintenance training
  • High-fidelity virtual equipment emulation
  • Accurate visual and aural feedback
  • Runs in conjunction with actual software
  • Instructor-led and free-play scenarios

Equipment Emulation enables the cost-effective teaching of standard and emergency operating procedures, platform familiarisation and maintenance training. SEA’s applications provide a tailored solution to meet specific learning objectives and are compatible with Learning Management Systems to track the progress of individual students throughout the course content.

SEA applies intelligent design principles and works closely with the end customer to fully analyse and understand the training requirements, such that:

  • The specific learning/training objectives and outcomes that are required to meet each requirement are captured;
  • The required level of fidelity within the emulation to meet the requirement is understood;
  • The required number of procedural steps and/or level of student interaction to meet the requirement is agreed;
  • The source information required to build the equipment emulations is available.

Recent customers include the UK Royal Navy, the Royal Norwegian Navy and the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.


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