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Simulation Management

Backed up by years of research, SEA can advise on how to optimise the management of your simulation assets.

SEA understands the desire to move towards a more centralised, service-oriented approach to the management of simulation assets, in order to reduce duplication and maximise the re-use and return on investment.


SEA has developed an architecture and common data model approach that supports the rapid discovery of existing simulation assets, enabling end users to build and execute simulations using common components and services, based upon open standards.

Key Benefits

  • Greater visibility of entire simulation asset portfolio
  • Enables rapid discovery of simulation assets by end users
  • Provides clear structure for management of simulation assets
  • Supports Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) simulation
  • Maximised interoperability and re-use
  • Reduced duplication of models and functionality, lowering costs

Key Features

  • Key enabler for Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) approach
  • Common data model that describes all of your simulation assets
  • Provides structure for a searchable registry of assets
  • Highlights potential opportunities for interoperability and re-use
  • Tools built using open standards
  • Rapidly identifies existing assets that can be used to meet your specific simulation requirements


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