Simulation & Training

Training Design and Research

Through active participation in the Dstl Synthetic Environment Tower (SE Tower) research programme and leadership of the Architectures, Interoperability and Management of Simulations (AIMS) contract, SEA provides an up-to-date and knowledgeable view of current and future training system technologies and delivery mechanisms.


Key Benefits

  • Independent Simulation and Training expertise
  • Ability to lead and manage complex research activities
  • Inform future procurement strategies and training system coherence

Key Features

  • Open and collaborative approach to simulation research
  • Flexible and forward thinking – technology and solution agnostic
  • Awareness of the full training system lifecycle

SEA understands that the market for future simulation and training systems will be impacted by a number of different drivers, including technology drivers, procurement policies and strategies, international collaboration and contract convergence. SEA has therefore ensured that its own internal research activities and engagement with the UK SE Tower research community maintain a focus on innovation, rapid development and clearly identified exploitation routes and benefits.

Via the leadership of AIMS, SEA provides an excellent overview and links with the UK Simulation and Training supply chain and ‘Community of Practice’, enabling the rapid identification of best athlete suppliers and technical approaches for future training system upgrades and/or new training systems.

SEA also has the ability to independently assess and audit the effectiveness of current training delivery, providing valuable evidence to support investment appraisals and considering all technical and commercial aspects of training system operation, including:

  • System obsolescence
  • Reliability and availability
  • System utilisation
  • System effectiveness
  • Training instructor/operator manpower requirements
  • Duplication and/or availability of training elsewhere
  • Meeting the Training Objectives via other media
  • Training system location and student travel requirements
  • Use of bespoke and/or Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) technologies
  • System openness and opportunities for interoperability and reuse


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