Simulation & Training

Virtual Reality Development

The rapid development and increased affordability of Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Virtual Reality (VR) headset technologies, driven largely by the computer games industry, offers a cost-effective route to providing advanced, interactive training solutions. SEA has developed novel VR applications using the latest COTS headset technology to provide highly portable and flexible training solutions.


Key Benefits

  • Full student immersion in current synthetic training
  • Additional platform familiarisation training
  • Emergency scenarios with a first person physical interface
  • High reliability

Key Features

  • High Fidelity Synthetic Environment
  • Compatible with latest VR headsets, including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
  • High fidelity interactive content with motion control
  • Intuitive control system

The use of VR to interface with synthetic environments for enhanced immersion with procedural training is providing increasing benefits in the effectiveness of training activities and closing the gap between virtual and live training.

This is due to the huge improvements in the capability and cost effectiveness of VR technology emerging from the gaming industry in recent years.

SEA's Procedural Training Engine provides a control interface to the latest VR technology hardware. By utilising open standards and technologies and developing them to integrate seamlessly, we deliver the end-user a totally immersive training system.

A student can physically walk around a platform that does not yet exist. In addition, they can gain better situational awareness of the desired environment they will be deployed to, in a safe and progressive manner.


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