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Common Simulation Framework

Common Simulation Framework for the UK Ministry of Defence.

Expand the battle space

In-service with the UK Ministry of Defence, the Common Simulation Framework expands the battle space by feeding data from the Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) and the Command and Staff Trainer (CAST) into the dynamic data store, for visualisation by the ISTAR workstation.

Expand the battle space

More efficient and effective training of units

This enables more efficient and effective training of units and battle-staff at both the tactical and operational level. Training benefit is further enhanced by the inclusion of data augmentation tools.

Blending data from synthetic environments in this way generates synergies, enhancing training value, creating a more realistic common operating picture whilst at the same time, in a world of diminishing Defence budgets, reducing overhead costs.

More efficient and effective training of units

Key Features

  • Links standalone synthetic training environments
  • Fully engineered plug-and-play architecture is capable of dealing with legacy, future and emerging systems enabling on-demand training, mission planning/ rehearsals and C4ISR simulation/stimulation
  • Plug-in applications can be used to provide 3D simulated visualisations across the training battle space to further enhance realism
  • Has sufficient cross domain entity count to portray realistic common operating pictures
  • Dynamic Data Store manages all data in a common and protocol agnostic format
  • Augmentation tools manipulate and extend data adding capability and realism to training
  • Logging and replay facility provides a common source of data for After Action Review, Mission Planning/Rehearsal
  • Facilitates experimentation

Key Benefits

  • Ideally suited to linking land training with air/maritime/other agency simulations whilst preserving a clear upgrade path for future capability
  • Maximises combat multiplier effects and expands the battle space beyond that of individual standalone training simulations
  • Enables simulation systems to ‘train as you fight’ with the potential to offer significant surge capacity
  • More efficient way to enable collective, joint and multi-national training
  • Integrates simulation systems to enable the training of commanders across the full spectrum of conflict
  • Plug-in interfaces need only be created once and can be re-used indefinitely across all installations of CSF
  • Bridging interface enables geographically disparate training systems to interact over Internet Protocol based network

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