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Air Systems - Airworthiness & Safety Management

The Charles Haddon-Cave QC report into the Nimrod (XV230) accident in 2006 created many challenges for the airworthiness and safety management environment. There is an increasing requirement for the adoption of a ‘safety culture’ led by ‘aviation safety leaders’, now mandated in the military but still emerging across civil aviation. Creation of the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) was a major step by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to establish an airworthiness and safety culture.


UK MoD utilises SEA's extensive “pool” of readily available and qualified proven experts in the airworthiness and safety field. In particular, we recently supported DE&S Airworthiness Team (DAT) to establish the DAT role in this fast moving arena.

Recent and significant airworthiness and safety management programmes, in which we have played a major role, include:

  • Airworthiness Organisation Approval Process (AOAP) Development & Implementation Project (ADIP)
  • Development of the Military Air Standards Framework (MASF)
  • Development of the Independent Technical Evaluation Accreditation Framework   

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