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Capability Development - Training Design, Development & Delivery

SEA has a proven pedigree in the design, development and delivery of training courses.


Our structured approach to training development can be applied to organisations across both the public and private sectors.  We have an extensive client base that includes the UK military, government agencies, the Defence Industry and overseas armed forces.

The process starts with either a Training Needs Analysis for new programmes or a Training Gap Analysis for modification programmes. These can be applied across the entire training spectrum and can be customised to meet any specific requirements. We then develop high quality training material and deliver it in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

SEA has a proven track record in the delivery of bespoke training to UK and other National Government Departments and to the UK Armed Forces.  Training Delivery may take the form of Computer Aided Packages, Tutorials, one-to-one sessions, group sessions or lectures and it can be delivered on real equipment, simulators or emulators, in the classroom or in the field.

For the UK military, we have significant understanding of all Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) and their associated training requirements.  This includes both individual training systems and collective training systems, such as DFWES, AWES, CATT & CAST. The Capability Development team has also been engaged with Ground Based Air Defence programmes for a number of years, producing and delivering bespoke training activities.

We also have significant experience in delivering Maritime TNAs for a range of Naval equipment

Key Benefits

  • The structure and training materials for all our military training courses follow the recommendations captured in Joint Service Publication (JSP) 822.
  • Our “Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector (PTLLS)” qualified instructors, either deliver the training course itself, or the material can be handed over to military instructors to conduct the delivery phase.
  • All courses are subject to both internal and external validation to ensure a quality product.
  • All courses are Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) compliant

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