Simulation & Training

Simulation and Training

SEA develops simulation-based training solutions for the UK and international customers, offering the full training life-cycle capability Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation.

Training systems and simulations that are efficient, effective and reliable for operations in the real world.

SEA’s simulation technology is easy to reconfigure, expand and apply to multiple-use cases. Procedural training technology has been created through the use of an innovative training engine solution, coupled with a repurposed high-fidelity gaming environment. Once a training need or problem is identified, the procedural training management tool provides a series of individually scripted steps or actions that are deployed to the student and then monitored by the instructor.

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Physics Based Simulation

De-risking complex engineering and operational scenarios by combining modern physics based modelling with realistic, immersive visualisation and distributed open standards

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SEA has a proven record of delivering complex simulation projects

Systems simulations can be applied, ranging from initial engineering design and prediction of operational performance, through to support of entry into service and forming the basis for synthetic training. They allow exploration of the full performance envelope for candidate solutions, support engineering and design decisions.

Features & Benefits

  • State-of-the-art physics based modelling
  • Realistic and immersive visualisation
  • Flexible architecture and interoperability using open standards
  • Enables optimised designs and performance

Simulation and Training Product Range

Developed by SEA, DECKsim’s training infrastructure provides a complete suite of procedural training management tools and a high fidelity synthetic environment that can be deployed rapidly. Using synthetic environments for immersive procedural training is proven to increases teaching efficiency and effectiveness.

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Equipment Emulation

Providing a 3D virtual environment with realistic aural and visual cues.

Equipment Emulation enables the cost-effective teaching of standard and emergency operating procedures, platform familiarisation and maintenance training.

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Simulation Management

Identifying how to optimise the management of simulation assets by leveraging targeted and industry leading research.

SEA understands the desire to move towards a more centralised, service-oriented approach to the management of simulation assets, in order to reduce duplication and maximise re-use and return on investment.

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